At Litik we have twenty years experience of hand selecting instruments in traditional gong factories, spending vast periods of time learning the techniques and influences of various styles of hammering, practicing tuning methods and customising production for European and North American markets.

Litik gongs are hand crafted in the Wuhan region of China.   Bronze instruments from this region are celebrated world wide for the richness of their sound spectrum, their complex and evolving overtones and the extremes of their dynamic capabilities.   The softest of stroke with a mallet, or even a thunderstorm in the area can set the lowest vibrational modes into action.   A solid stroke with a heavy mallet, or a roll of repeated strokes will allow the sound to build an almost overwhelming volume level.  They can be bowed, dipped in water for a glissando, scraped, prepared with sizzles, sung into or just hit with a mallet.

The production process follows the millennia old tradition of repeatedly heating thick, cast bronze discs and hammering them into form while still red hot.  When the discs cool, they are put back in the oven for reheating and re-hammering.  This process is repeated until what started as a bronze puck is heated, hammered and formed into the instruments that we recognise.   In other words, all Fengs, Chaus, JinBan, and China cymbals all begin their lives in the same form.

Litik instruments are hand made from the standard bronze alloy for gongs ( approximately 23% tin and 77% copper) and available in a wide range of sizes.  Special, larger sizes are also available upon request.

We invite you to take a few minutes to click on the links below for more detailed information on the specific models of gongs available from Litik.  All gongs come with a mallet included in the price.

What Litik has to offer:




Feng (aka Wind gongs)


Jin Ban (upwards glissando)


Tiger (downwards glissando)